Business to Business

We continually align ourselves with suppliers who share our vision of environmental stewardship and promoting energy efficiency. The following resources are for suppliers wishing to do business with AEP.

Register as a new supplier or log in to your existing account. Learn about our Accounts Payable process. Gain access to our tax ID information. Learn about our views on supplier diversity.

Requests For Proposals
Find a listing and details of our most recent requests for proposals.

Coal Offers
Find out about our requests for proposals for coal to supply our generation plants.

Coal Combustion Products
Learn about the types and uses of coal combustion products, including methods for recycling and marketing these materials.

EDI Transactions
Learn about using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to perform ongoing business transactions electronically with AEP.

Towers, Infrastructure & Properties
Let AEP’s towers, infrastructure and properties work for you. AEP can help businesses seeking to collocate wireless services and other facilities or find new tower locations.  

Memorandum of Insurance
Find the right memorandum of insurance for your needs. These include liability, property, and marine insurance.

Asset Recovery/Surplus Sales
We sometimes offer prospective buyers an opportunity to buy or bid on obsolete, used, or excess equipment and materials from throughout our 11-state service territory. Search the list for items of interest.

Meter Barcodes
We developed a meter barcode system that has become an electric utility industry standard. Learn the key to the code.

Third Party Authorization
Business account holders can give 3rd parties authorization to access their energy usage information.