Transource Energy, LLC

American Electric Power and Great Plains Energy have formed a new company to develop and invest in transmission. Through Transource Energy℠ LLC (Transource), AEP and Great Plains Energy initially plan to pursue competitive transmission projects in the PJM Interconnection, Southwest Power Pool (SPP) and Midwest ISO (MISO) transmission regions. AEP owns 86.5 percent of Transource. Great Plains Energy owns 13.5 percent.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 1000 creates new opportunities for competitive transmission investment by giving incumbent and non-incumbent transmission developers similar cost-recovery mechanisms for regional and interregional projects. Increased competition in the transmission space will foster cost-effective grid expansion for the benefit of customers.

AEP continues to lead the industry in transmission design, engineering and construction innovation. Transmission infrastructure improves reliability, promotes access to renewable energy resources and enhances the efficiency of regional energy markets for the benefit of customers. AEP's experience and expertise put it in a unique position to provide creative, efficient transmission solutions that will help ensure future access to affordable and reliable electricity.