Life at AEP

  • Pamela

    Customer Solutions Center
    Shreveport, Louisiana

    "I enjoy dealing with the customers, helping other customer service associates and just the teamwork altogether. I try to assist the customer in the best way possible and also benefit the company."

  • Janice

    Engineering Training Supervisor
    Bridgman, Michigan

    "AEP has given me many opportunities to advance in my career. My first job entailed working as a field engineer and that helped me get a position in engineering design. Since then, I've used the Educational Assistance program to earn two master's degrees. I am currently the supervisor for Engineering Training at the D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant. AEP is a great company that offers many challenging and rewarding career opportunities."

  • Leo

    Lead Operator
    Arsenal Hill Power Plant
    Shreveport, Louisiana

    "I take pride in doing my job well, making sure the plant can carry its load. I also enjoy conducting plant tours and teaching local students how electricity is made."

  • Kevin

    Transmission Dispatching Coordinator
    Columbus, Ohio

    "My job is challenging and a little hectic. My first responsibility is to ensure the safety of my fellow workers while moving power from point to point. We have to keep the power flowing to our customers, and we have do it safely."

  • Phillip

    Line Mechanic A
    Hazard, Kentucky

    "I enjoy this work because I like being outdoors, going somewhere different every day, and meeting different people."

  • Bryan

    IT Support Technician
    Gavin Plant
    Cheshire, Ohio

    "I can make a call from here to Canton or Roanoke if I have a problem, and I'll get the answer immediately. Telecommunications people drop whatever they're doing to help with a solution."

  • Anthony

    Senior Engineering Technologist
    John E Dolan Lab
    Groveport, Ohio

    "The Dolan Technology Center provides me with the unique opportunity of working at a place in AEP where technology is used in very interesting ways to provide electrical testing services to the company. In the photograph, a simulation is shown which captures a device failure resulting from an induced lightning impulse."