AEP Texas Contributions

Dear Friends,

At AEP Texas, we work hard every day to provide safe, reliable electricity to the more than one-million customers we are connected to across Texas. We are keenly aware that individuals, families, and businesses alike depend on us, which is why I am proud to say we do more that deliver electric power—we impact lives.

AEP Texas employees do more by volunteering and serving in many different roles in the communities where we live and work. We believe in being a part of each and every community we serve. By investing in the organizations that help meet the needs of people we serve, we help to create the best possible place to live for everyone.

In 2017, AEP Texas contributions to social services and non-profit agencies totaled nearly $1 million. Our employees and their families also donated thousands of man hours to countless organizations and community projects.

Hurricane Harvey, the largest storm to hit the Gulf Coast in over four decades, caused significant devastation and damage to some of the small coastal cities and communities we serve. AEP Texas promptly responded by contributing $50,000 to the Mayor’s Hurricane Relief Fund in Corpus Christi, a grant-based relief fund administered by the Coastal Bend Community Foundation that continues to help affected individuals, organizations and communities. We also contributed $25,000 to help the United Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce to lead a campaign to raise money to help small businesses affected by the storm rebuild and reopen.

In addition, we proudly supported many agencies that touch the lives of our customers across the state on a daily basis. We strive to make an impact by helping to fund organizations and programs that work to improve education; feed the hungry; shelter the homeless; grow our communities economically; and much more.

From Abilene to the Rio Grande Valley, Victoria to San Angelo and back to our Corpus Christi headquarters – AEP Texas believes in Texas prosperity, which is why we partner with our communities and invest in economic development programs that help our state’s economy thrive. We believe that our commitment to education, economic development, the environment and quality of life does that. The Boy Scouts of America, the West Texas Rehabilitation Center, the Art Museum of South Texas, the Abilene Arts Alliance, the Poteet Rotary Club, Laredo Community College and the Boys and Girls Club of Harlingen are some of the organizations who share our commitment to better lives and stronger communities.

At AEP Texas, we believe that doing more leads to boundless energy--and boundless opportunities for everyone we serve.

We are AEP Texas!

Judith E. Talavera
Judith E. Talavera
President and Chief Operating Officer
AEP Texas

AEP Texas Contributions