AEP's TRI Releases and Their Potential Impacts

The chemicals we report to the U.S. EPA depend on the amount and type of coal burned and specific pollution controls used at each plant. Although the chemicals reported by AEP are released in large amounts, they generally rank low in toxicity.

General information about these chemicals is available through a number of sources, including public libraries, the Internet, and poison control centers.

Various U.S. EPA offices have developed different chemical ranking systems to provide a sense of how chemicals compare to each other in terms of their potential impact on the environment or public health.

Chemical rankings provide some helpful information. But actual risk is based on a combination of factors. These include:

We have developed tables that show the amount of TRI-listed chemicals released by each AEP power plant, as well as a total for the entire AEP System. To obtain a copy, contact one of the offices listed under AEP TRI Contacts.