AEP’s view of rooftop solar and net metering

At AEP, we support renewable energy development, including solar power. We are building five new utility-scale solar facilities in Indiana and Michigan, and we're investing billions in transmission infrastructure to support renewable generation integration.

We also support our customers' right to purchase and install rooftop solar systems and other distributed generating systems to offset all or part of their own electricity use.

What we don't support are outdated net metering laws that unfairly subsidize customers who install rooftop solar or other distributed generation systems, and we are working to change those policies to make them fair for all customers.

We are fine with purchasing excess power from customers with rooftop solar, but it should be at market rates that reflect only the cost of producing the power, rather than higher retail rates that include all of the costs associated with generating, transporting and delivering power. Outdated net metering laws force us and our customers to pay much more for excess power from rooftop solar and other distributed generation systems than it costs to make electricity in other ways.

We also believe that every customer who uses the grid - the wires, poles and transformers that deliver power - should have to pay for it. Customers with solar installations rely on the grid to supply power when their panel is not producing and to sell power back to their utility. They also must have power from the grid to start motors such as their heating and cooling systems that require a higher amperage than solar panels can provide. It's only fair that all customers who are connected to and benefit from the electric grid, help pay for it.

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