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Base Rate Case

Docket Number: PUD 201300217

On January 17, 2014, PSO filed a base rate case with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. The filing requests a total increase of $45 million. The increase is comprised of $38 million from a traditional cost of service test year determination, and $7 million from the first year of a proposed advanced metering infrastructure tracker.

Rates proposed in this filing are based on a July 31, 2013 test year with pro-forma adjustments 6 months thereafter. The requested ROE is 10.50%. PSO can put rates into effect, subject to refund, after 180 days of the case filing, however PSO proposed a delay in implementing new rates in 2014 until after summer season, which is after October.

Procedural Schedule: Staff and Intervenor Testimony 04/23/2014
Staff and Intervenor Testimony on rate design  and cost of service 05/07/2014
Rebuttal Testimony 05/29/2014
Hearing 07/21/2014
Key Components: Requested ROE: 10.50%
Requested ROR: 7.94%
Requested Rate Base: $1,861M
Requested Revenue Increase: $45M