Working With Customers

The focus of AEP Transmission's Customer Experience is in line with AEP's corporate Customer Experience standards. As the "superhighway" transporting large amounts of electricity over long distances on the power grid, our employees frequently interact with community members while working on transmission lines, at substations, and at public hearings for projects.

We are focused on a wide range of external customers who fall predominantly into three main categories.

  • "End-Use" Customers – interconnected wholesale customers (local power co-ops and public municipalities who bring new load or have existing load on our network)
  • Transmission to Transmission Customers – those who are interconnections of other investor-owned utilities
  • Generation Interconnection Customers – includes generators wishing to interconnect to our transmission network and interact in the respective markets. This group has seen tremendous growth in both solar and wind interconnection requests

AEP Transmission's Customer Experience, Planning, and Asset Strategy teams collaborate with End-use wholesale customers in various ways. Through our partnerships with these public agencies, we offer the opportunity to engage in our planning and field processes, implement their feedback in combination with our knowledge of the integrated network, and create innovative projects and strategic solutions to enhance quality, reliability, and performance.

We want to ensure that we can provide the capacity needed, the reliability demanded, and the resiliency required to benefit communities and the broader, regional grid.