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Join Women in Linework

A career as a lineworker offers an excellent salary, job stability, great benefits and opportunities for for advancement, all while also serving your community. Do you live in AEP's 11-state territory? Join Women in Linework (WiL) and let the future begin.

Along with local community partners that support women in the workforce, we’ve designed a six-week pre-apprenticeship training program to your linework career.

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An education designed to develop skills and competencies for success

Earn a seat in AEP’s Line School

As a Women in Linework participant, you'll receive the necessary foundation and training to become a skilled, in-demand worker in a well-paid field. The training is a blend of virtual and in-person courses hosted at an AEP lineworker training facility. You'll develop friendships and a support network in the classroom and the field, alongside other women.

Hear from three women who have achieved success as AEP line workers.

WIL - Tiffany
WIL - Tiffany
WIL - Rikki
WIL - Rikki
WIL - Brandi
WIL - Brandi

Additional Benefits


Receive stipends while attending the virtual and in-person classes.

A Foundation for Future Capitalization

Receive support and training to make a successful transition into a linework career upon graduation.

Training & License Examples

  • Build skills in graphic arithmetic, mechanical concepts, and reading comprehension to prepare to pass the Construction & Skilled Trades (CAST) test.
  • Course content designed to prepare students for long-term success in a career with AEP.
  • Learn basic climbing techniques and other foundational skills required for linework.


Receive guidance from technical and professional mentors to help you navigate challenges and celebrate successes.

Are you ready to take steps to become a lineworker?

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Step 2: Prepare for a Career in Linework

Step 3: Building Foundational Skills

Prep for Employment Test Learn more about employment testing at AEP.

Upcoming Events

AEP Ohio
When: TBD - 2023
Climbing Clinic Location: AEP Ohio lineworker training facility in Groveport, OH

Our Community Partners

Impact Community Action
UpRys - Evaluating Organizations