Innovation: Constantly Advancing Transmission

In 1917, AEP energized the first long-distance transmission line connecting a mine-mouth power plant with a major load center.

Beginning with that groundbreaking transmission project, AEP has continuously developed new technologies and improved existing ones to produce reliable power and lower costs. Today, we bring this experience and spirit of innovation to every new challenge we face.

BOLD Transmission debuts with next generation in transmission design

With a product billed as the next generation of transmission for its greater capacity and stylish design, BOLD Transmission, a new subsidiary of AEP Transmission Holding Company, boldly made its public debut with technology aimed at providing the industry with sound transmission solutions. Read more

Other Recent Innovations

Station on a Skid

A portable station that arrives pre-built on site aboard one or more flatbed trailers and can be up and running in a matter of weeks for time sensitive customers such as those in the shale gas industry.


The Drop-in Control Module (DICM) is a pre-fabricated control building that can be rolled into a station, hooked up, and be running in a fraction of the time needed to build one from scratch.


An internal communications tool that helps field employees respond more quickly to issues in stations, while letting transmission dispatchers concentrate on their work.


High-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems convert AC (Alternating Current) from one interconnection into direct current (DC), and then back to AC, synchronizing it for the receiving interconnection. Synchronization also provides stability for utilities on both sides by preventing cascading failures crossing from one grid to another.


Flexible AC Transmission System improves the reliability of AC grids and reduces power delivery costs by supplying inductive or reactive power to the grid.

Static VAR Compensators (SVCs)

SVCs control dynamic voltage swings and assure reliable grid performance. Volt-Ampere Reactive (VAR) is a unit of measurement for reactive force. An SVC works much faster and with greater precision than a synchronous condenser, the voltage stabilizing technology it replaces.

Presidio Battery Storage

A system in Presidio, Texas, that automatically provides backup transmission power in the event of a transmission outage. When an outage occurs, the system initiates 360 separate and distinct operations per second including issuing commands to 20 circuit breakers. AEP is also using battery storage in other locations around the system.

Did you know?

AEP Transmission has a long history of innovation. See our full list of technological achievements.