We are citizens of each community we serve and take an active part in its affairs. Like any other citizen, we want our neighbors to think well of us. Besides, it makes good business sense. We prosper only as the community prospers; so we help it thrive in every way we can.

AEP President George Tidd, 1934

At AEP, we care about the human needs of our customers, our employees, and the general public. We support giving, diversity, and education. And, we strive to build relationships across our 11-state service area. Learn more about our efforts.

Our Giving

For more than 100 years, AEP continues to strengthen and support the communities we serve. We’re lending a helping hand where needed and participating in many important community activities across our service territory.

Our commitment to the communities we serve has never been stronger, and we look forward to reaching out to help where necessary as we support the many efforts of our local areas and the people who call them home.

Other Community Activities

Community Involvement

We seek to improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work.
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