College Co-Ops & Internships

Earn and learn at AEP, one of the nation's largest electric utilities. As a college co-op or intern, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in your career area.

  • Earn a competitive salary
  • Get paid holidays
  • Balance your life and work schedules with flex time
  • Enjoy casual business dress
  • Get a monthly housing allowance (in some cases)
  • Earn service credit towards vacation and retirement (if you join AEP after graduation)
  • Contribute to a 401(k) plan

Learn More About Internships

  • Apply For Jobs. Search available openings for internship opportunities.
  • Recruiting Events. Contact your school or career center to learn about upcoming recruiting events.
  • Technical School Alliances. Learn how to prepare for high-paying, hands-on jobs in the utility industry.
  • Learn Professional Skills. JobSTART 101: Smart Tips and Real-World Training is an online course from the Business Roundtable. The course trains you in the professional skills you need to transition from campus to workplace.
  • Frequently Asked Questions. Find answers to co-op and internship questions.
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Life At AEP

"The AEP Co-Op program is very unique ... it's one of the most unique in the nation. You get to physically do engineering. When you start with AEP, they give you a project and you take it from start to finish. I have so much potential for growth and the opportunities are immense."


Engineer III and Former Co-Op
Tulsa, Oklahoma