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AEP National Customers

National account customers can find online customer service at

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Retail Electrical Supply

AEP Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary that provides competitive retail electricity and natural gas to more than 400,000 residential customers and businesses.

hydro projects

Claytor Hydro

The Claytor Hydro Project, built in 1939, is located in southwestern Virginia on the New River in Pulaski County. Owned and operated by Appalachian Power Company the project generates electricity, which is merged with power generated at Appalachian's other hydro and gas and coal-fired power plants in Virginia and West Virginia, to help meet the electricity needs of millions of people in seven states from Virginia to Michigan.

Kanawha Hydro

The London/Marmet and Winfield Hydroelectric Projects are existing conventional hydroelectric projects located on the Kanawha River in West Virginia. Appalachian Power is seeking to relicense the projects, in consultation with various State and Federal agencies, as well as local governments, non-governmental organizations and the public.

Smith Mountain Project

Smith Mountain Project, operated by Appalachian Power, is a two-reservoir hydroelectric generation project located near Roanoke, Virginia. Built on the Roanoke River and completed in the mid-1960s, the project’s two dams and reservoirs—Smith Mountain and Leesville—have added about 600 miles of new shoreline and about 25,000 surface acres of water for multiple uses.

Joint Transmission Projects

Electric Transmission Texas

Electric Transmission Texas is a joint venture between AEP and MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company to build transmission projects within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Grid Assurance

Grid Assurance is a joint venture between AEP, Berkshire Hathaway, and First Energy that offers cost-effective solutions for enhancing transmission system grid resilience and faster access to critical transmission equipment following a catastrophic event.

Pioneer Transmission

Pioneer Transmission is a joint venture between Duke Energy and American Electric Power to build and operate 240 miles of extra-high-voltage transmission lines and related facilities in Indiana.

RITE Line Transmission

Reliability Interregional Transmission Extension is a joint venture that includes the subsidiaries of American Electric Power to build and operate approximately 420 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and related facilities in Indiana and Illinois.


Transource is a partnership between American Electric Power (AEP) and Great Plains Energy (GPE) focused on the development and investment in competitive electric transmission projects across the U.S.

Employee & Retiree Sites


This site delivers corporate news and other information to employees. It also provides remote access to the company’s Human Resources department.

AEP Retirees & Alumni

The official website dedicated to serving retirees and other alumni of American Electric Power, this site provides relevant news and announcements from AEP; updates about the people who have served AEP and links to other related websites.

other aep sites

AEP Economic Development

AEP's economic development team provides business insights, services and opportunities to prospective and existing commercial and industrial customers, electric cooperatives and municipal utilities. We offer information on available sites and buildings; community profiles and insights; turnkey engineering, construction, procurement, and maintenance services and more.

AEP Surplus

AEP Surplus offers companies and individuals an opportunity to bid on or buy obsolete, used or excess equipment and materials from various sites within our operating territory.

AEP Corporate Sustainability

AEP’s corporate sustainability initiative reflects our commitment to the environment; the efficient use of energy; safety, health and well-being of our workforce and the public; supplier diversity; community outreach; the customer experience; and economic development. These goals are aligned with our corporate strategy and business initiatives in an effort to create shared value for AEP and the communities we serve.

AEP Dolan Technology Center

AEP's Dolan Technology Center is staffed by experts in instrumentation and test-formulation development and technical support. They offer expertise gained from a long history of supporting AEP's distribution, transmission and generation companies, along with insights on cutting-edge electrotechnology developments.