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For more than a hundred years, we’ve been lighting the way for families to grow and businesses to prosper in communities across Appalachia, the Midwest and Southwest. Today, we strengthen that legacy of service by tackling education and our community’s most basic needs: food and housing. Giving back in these ways and promoting environmental sustainability are an important part of who we are. In fact, we invest millions each year to care for others in our community and to promote and protect our environment. Working together with you, we are making our families healthier, our economies stronger and the future brighter for our communities.

AEP Engineer Continues Family's Legacy of Helping Others

Family is everything to AEP Engineering Associate Demetrius LaGrone. When asked about loved ones, his eyes speak first, lighting up when referencing his mother, fiancée or other family members who helped him get where he is today, even though he did take the road less traveled.

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The Teaching and Learning Collaborative, with support from the AEP Foundation, is conducting virtual Math Camp-ins.

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AEP volunteers came out in force to work with community organizations to build community playgrounds, collect winter clothing, distribute food and raise money for research into cures, among other great causes.

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It takes a special kind of person to get holiday shoppers to stop, and give back to our communities. Today, that person is Bob Hewitt.

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We want to work with you to make our communities better. Here’s how to connect with us.

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We believe quality education is a basic need. Let’s make it happen in our communities.

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Together with community partners, we meet the most basic of needs: food and housing.

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Community Recreation

We’ve reclaimed nature’s best to share with your family. Hike, hunt, sail and explore with us.

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Sustaining Communities

Clean energy. Diversity. Economic Development. Find out what we're doing to create a brighter future.

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