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Site Location Analysis and Support

Your business’s location is key to successful operations and overall growth. Find and compare the best options for your next location with our extensive site selection database of available industrial properties, including greenfield sites and move-in ready buildings.

Preview all properties, or focus on our portfolio of AEP Quality Sites that are development-ready and meet the site selection criteria for your industrial, data center or food and beverage processing project.

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Industrial Sites

AEP Quality Sites include a range of industrial sites and parks that exceed stringent industrial site selection criteria and have due diligence such as environmental assessments and geotechnical studies completed.

Data Center Sites

AEP Quality Sites include sites pre-qualified based on data center site selection requirements, including highly reliable and redundant power, strong fiber infrastructure, competitive cost structures, and locations insulated from man-made and natural risks.

Food Processing Sites

AEP Quality Sites include sites that meet or exceed the site selection criteria for food and beverage processors, including transportation, infrastructure, and utility requirements.

Site selection process steps

Our 7 Critical Steps to Selecting an Ideal Location for Your Business puts you on a proven path to success.

Step 1: Determine location parameters

  • Gather and define objectives and business requirements
  • Determine and rank wants vs. needs

Step 2: Identify & evaluate location requirements

  • Data collection and site options
  • Evaluate geography based on your needs

Step 3: Present alternative locations

  • Comprehensive research support
  • Analyze and present “long list” of viable options

Step 4: Conduct an in-depth evaluation of the locations based on key factors

  • Available incentives
  • Workforce supply and costs
  • Utility availability and prices
  • Cost of land

Step 5: Schedule site & community visits for your “short list” properties

  • Coordinate community and site tours
  • Facilitate introductions and interactions with state, regional and local development partners, local officials, other utilities, and workforce development agencies

Step 6: Support project completion

  • Facilitate all aspects of final location validation
  • Support critical incentive negotiations
  • Ensure electrical needs are met

Step 7: Provide aftercare services & resources

  • Account management services
  • Energy services
  • Other resources to help your business stay competitive