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Keeping the Energy Flowing

We are dedicated to making the connections that power tomorrow's possibilities. With a commitment to safety and a long history of continuous innovation, we uniquely combine an in-depth knowledge of the current electrical system with an understanding of the marketplace and technologies that will make up the grid of the future.

We own the nation's largest electricity transmission system — more than 40,000-miles — with more 765-kilovolt extra-high voltage transmission lines than all other U.S. transmission systems combined. It brings high-voltage power from generation operations to substations, where it's "stepped down" to be used by numerous distribution networks.

Strengthening the Grid

We are investing significantly to update and strengthen the grid across its footprint. Watch this video to see what's driving the need for these improvements and how AEP Transmission is getting it done.

Building for Tomorrow, Together

Together, we can pool expertise and resources to tackle the challenges of transmission projects throughout North America and bring increased capacity and reliability to the grid.

Partner with us

BOLD Design

BOLD (Breakthrough Overhead Line Design) is a compact, high-efficiency transmission technology created for the power grid of tomorrow by engineers at AEP Transmission.

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Current Projects provides project information for landowners, communities and others. All major projects currently under development around the system are represented on the site.

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Respecting the environment

We use industry best practices to protect wetlands, waterways, habitats and endangered species, be it in the siting of new construction, the build itself, or site restoration activities.

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