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Sustainability in Transmission

We develop innovative technology and conduct research to promote sustainability in transmission line right-of-way areas.

The simple, elegant, low-profile design of AEP Transmission’s BOLD towers blends more into the landscape than ‘traditional’ transmission towers. AEP Transmission’s engineers invented BOLD Transmission, tubular steel towers which also have higher capacity and more efficient operations.

Balancing Transmission Line Maintenance and the Environment

Change to: AEP’s forestry department manages power line right-of-ways so vegetation can’t grow into lines and cause outages. We follow federal standards designed to protect the system, minimize outages and reduce adverse environmental impacts. We focus on performing maintenance work safely and economically, while fostering positive relationships with landowners and the public before, during and after construction.

Environmental Stewardship in Transmission Construction

Respecting the environment is a priority when siting, constructing, and maintaining transmission lines and substations. We use industry best practices to protect wetlands, waterways, habitats, and endangered species.

AEP Transmission’s outreach team meets with landowners and community stakeholders about planned projects, and also holds public open houses. After project approval and before construction begins, vegetation and large trees must be trimmed or removed from transmission right-of-way areas to ensure safety and reliability. Our foresters collaborate with construction managers to develop a clearing plan. Environmental impacts, mitigations, and all applicable environmental approvals are required before site clearing begins.

Site Restoration After Construction

We collaborate with other organizations to promote sustainability. Our research includes substituting native plant seeds for ”traditional” grass seeds to restore right-of-way areas after construction. The deeper root systems of native plants help prevent invasive plants from becoming established in right-of-way areas. This should drastically reduce vegetation that could adversely impact reliability, while reducing forestry maintenance.

Native Seed Research Involves Collaboration

We are collaborating with outside stakeholders from government, nonprofit and other organizations and companies to share information about planting native seeds for post-construction site restoration to support biodiversity, including pollinators and other wildlife.

Incorporating Clean Energy into Our Grid

In line with our mission, we continue to seek innovative technologies to incorporate renewable energy into our portions of the power grid.