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Meter Barcodes

Below is the key to the AEP barcode system that has become a standard for the industry. The related barcode spreadsheet is available as a reference.

An AEP Barcode consists of 17 characters.

Key Description
1 and 2 Used to indicate the Test Setup.
AEP uses automated meter testing boards that use these 2 digits to correctly set the voltage, current and form factor during a meter test. Refer to spreadsheet
3 Indicates the Manufacturer Name.
Refer to spreadsheet.
4-12 These 9 digits are the manufacturer's serial number for the device.
Pad with leading zeros if less than 9 digits are supplied.
13-17 (Utility Specified) These five digits are used in AEP as follows:
13-14 Generally indicate the capabilities of the meter (such as Time of Use, Load Profile Recording, Reactive power measurement, KWh, Demand, etc)
15 Generally indicates the form factor
(Socket, A base, K base, etc)
16 Generally indicates the voltage range
17 Generally indicates the current range
This last group of digits is under constant revision to keep up with the expanding functionality of modern meters.

Download Barcodes