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Operating Company RFPs

Please refer to operating company websites for currently running RFPs:

PJM Aggregated Demand Response Capacity RFP

This RFP will focus on Demand Response (DR) capacity located within AEP service areas within the PJM footprint, including AEP Ohio, Appalachian Power (Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee), Indiana Michigan Power (Indiana, Michigan), and Kentucky Power.

Attention Bidders, this communication is to notify you that AEP is simplifying the scope of this RFP. AEP will now be seeking aggregated DR capacity as a unit specific bilateral transaction. AEP will now require a breakdown of capacity and costs by state, resource type, load reduction method, and customer type. AEP will be open to any eligible PJM DR resource type/load reduction method for annual capacity but will assess whether to procure capacity through this RFP or whether to direct to an existing AEP Operating Company Tariff program. AEP is revising RFP materials and will post updated materials. The period for questions will be extended to accommodate questions after AEP provides updated materials.

Goods and Services RFIs

Public RFIs for goods and services are posted on AEP's LinkedIn page.

Fuel Offers

AEP Generation Resources (AEPGR), a competitive company within American Electric Power (Nasdaq: AEP), is seeking offers for the supply of No. 2 Red Dyed Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel to one or more of its generating stations.

For questions or further support, contact AEP's Supply Chain Solution Service Center toll free at 833-493-0821.