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Be Rewarded

Beyond a rewarding paycheck and generous paid time off, we help keep you healthy and fulfilled with extra benefits exclusive to AEP. Benefits that let you focus on what matters most - like our comprehensive plans that let you affordably cover yourself and your dependents. Benefits that help you get ahead - like our “cash balance” pension plan that lets you take your entire balance when you leave AEP with three years of service no matter how old you are – on top of a 401K plan that matches 75% of your contribution if you contribute 6% of your salary. And benefits that let you make an even bigger difference for others - like our matching gift of your donation to an accredited college or university, up to $1,000 per calendar year. And, there’s so much more! Taken together, our total rewards program fits your life, and the life you aspire.

AEP’s total rewards program is the ultimate care package.

Live balanced

You can achieve balance with your personal and professional life at AEP. We help you do this by supporting big, life-changing events – like six weeks of paid parental leave for births and adoptions and six weeks of paid maternity leave when you give birth. We also offer adoption assistance reimbursement to help with fees and expenses incurred when adopting a child. We help you achieve balance by focusing on the small things. Like flexible work hours in many locations, so when you’re pulled into two directions you don’t have to choose. Like subsidized/free parking, so you know there is a spot waiting for you. Whether it’s a big thing or a small thing, when it comes to balance, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Living life to the fullest is easier with support from AEP’s work/life programs.

Be your best

Continue your personal and professional growth with AEP programs designed to tap your potential. You get up to $5,250 in educational assistance each year to cover 100% of your registration fees, tuition and lab fees, plus books. And that’s not all. Once you’re identified for future leadership at AEP, we prepare you for the big opportunities ahead through a program designed by Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business just for AEP.

Never stop learning.