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As customers and businesses with fleets continue to adopt electric vehicles, manufacturers and energy companies must come together to meet the rapidly growing demand. AEP has shown a proven commitment to the EV industry and out footprint is equipped with all the resources required to grow your EV business. Let our experts help to power your journey.

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The Ideal Region For EV Leaders

AEP's territory offers over 25 industrial sites in the size range of 250 to 3500 acres.

Over 7,000 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy and 16,000 planned by 2030.

Proximity to more than 20 universities offering relevant degrees in AEP territory.

AEP operates and maintains the nation's largest electricity transmission system with a 40,000+ mile network.

Featured EV & Battery Site

Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill

This 3,528-acre publicly owned megasite is ready for single or multiple industrial users; lot sizes within the megasite can be configured to meet client needs, with the largest contiguous parcel of 2,102 acres. Robust infrastructure is present to site, including new dual 138kV and in-park substation. This Virginia Business Ready Site is designated as a “Super Park” by Quest Site Solutions.

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Partnering with AEP is Electric

AEP has shown a proven commitment to the EV industry through its leadership in EV organizations and in working to inform customers about EV incentives across our footprint. Our commitment extends to businesses that are working to transform the EV industry. Our economic development team has all the tools to support your EV business.


Our footprint provides access to potential customers, suppliers and partners across the EV value chain.


  • AEP is a founding member of the Electric Highway Coalition, a collaborative of more than 60 U.S. power companies serving more than 120 million customers across 48 states plus Washington, D.C. This coalition is dedicated to installing fast charging stations across the country, making travel convenient for millions of EV drivers using our country's highways.
  • Our economic development team serves on the Board of Directors for NATTBatt International - an advocate for advanced battery technology. The team is also active in Li-Bridge, an alliance committed to a robust and secure domestic supply chain of lithium-based batteries.
  • AEP territory is strongly positioned to support EV operations. Several leading companies invested in EVs and EV technology are located directly in or near AEP territory including Ford, Stellantis, GM,Tesla and Cazoo.
  • Finding the perfect site for growing businesses can be challenging. Our territory offers over 25 industrial sites ranging from 250 to 3500 acres. These sites are developed and ideal for EV companies looking to expand in our business-friendly footprint.