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Makers Make our Territory Home

Energy and chemical plants make our world better by providing the fuel or the materials we need to innovate. Wherever your facility sits on the energy supply chain, it needs reliable power to operate. Let us make the next big thing in our territory: a new facility. As experts in site selection for energy and chemical plants, we help find the most cost-effective location, reducing risk and accelerating market speed. Our 11-state footprint is rich with low-cost feedstock, unmatched proximity to markets and places where doing business is affordable.

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A Region Built for Energy & Chemicals

Our service area overlays the fastest-growing shale oil and gas formations in the U.S.

AEP states produce 63% of the U.S. shale gas.

Several ethylene crackers are in play along the Gulf Coast, and there is one under construction and another in development in the Midwest.

We serve 4 of the top 5 natural-gas producing states – Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio.

Our states account for 45% of the total chemical exports in the U.S.

Marathon, Dow, DuPont, PPG, Cheniere, Williams and Chesapeake Energy call our region home.


Our service territory gives you unparalleled access to the fastest-growing shale plays in the U.S.

Economic Spotlights

  • Unprecedented investments in oil and natural gas in Texas reinforce America’s new energy dominance. From billions of dollars in petrochemical manufacturing and LNG export on the Texas Gulf Coast to the upstream activity in the Permian Basin (West Texas) and the Eagle Ford (South Texas) to the concentration of refining capacity across the state – and thousands of miles of new pipeline connecting it all – the Lone Star State is the capital of energy independence.
  • Energy investors recognize the profitability potential of Ohio’s shale plays. Ohio sits atop much of the Utica and Marcellus shale formations that contribute 85 percent of U.S. shale gas production growth since 2011. These shale plays contain large amounts of natural gas, natural gas liquids and crude oils. Ohio’s access to plentiful and low-cost feedstock, combined with its proximity to end markets, make the state attractive for midstream and downstream investments.
  • West Virginia serves as a global energy, chemical and polymer hub. Fifth in the nation in total energy production, it is situated in the heart of the Appalachian Basin amid abundant natural gas reserves in the Marcellus, Rogersville and Utica shale formations. Its Polymer Alliance Zone has one of the highest concentrations of high-technology, specialty and engineering polymers production in the world. Active chemical industrial parks offer advantages including colocation, existing permits and infrastructure.
  • Oklahoma’s energy expertise extends beyond traditional oil and gas energy to include clean energy, CNG, geothermal, solar, wind and more. The third largest producer of both wind energy and natural gas, Oklahoma has five petroleum refineries and the world’s largest oil storage facility. AEP-served Tulsa is one of the nation’s energy capitals with nearly 1,000 energy-related companies calling the region home. Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa is one of the largest, most inland ice-free river ports in the U.S.

Power Your Operation with the Electric Transmission Leader

We offer a powerful combination of the right geography, industry expertise, electricity leadership and location advisory services to energy and chemical companies. In addition to site selection, we can exceed your energy requirements through:

  • Our robust transmission network – the largest in the country with available capacity to meet the needs of even the largest power user
  • Cost-competitive rates with access to competitive and regulated energy markets, and potential incentives to lower your costs
  • Highly reliable network with dual-service and redundant power service plans available
  • Customized solutions to expedite service delivery, manage your substation design/build/maintenance and more

Featured Economic Development Site

Victoria County Navigation District South

Site has 378 contiguous, developable acres. It is rail-served, has strong electric and natural gas infrast. Located on SR 185 near US 59 in a Foreign Trade Zone and an Enterprise Zone, the property has undergone a Phase I Environmental Study with no limiting factors being noted. Tax abatement is possible.

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