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Reach into America’s Bread Basket

Food and beverage industries thrive in our service territory, with its access to homegrown ingredients and easy-reach to consumer markets in every corner of the country. Plus, the heart of America offers plentiful workforce and necessary infrastructure through an abundant supply of water, strong transportation network, competitive energy solutions and low-cost developable land.

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Food & Beverage Development

The Campbell Soup Company, Cargill, Coca-Cola, Daisy Brands, Kellogg, The Kraft Heinz Company, Red Gold and Tyson Foods are among the food leaders we serve.

Half a million employees work within the food and beverage industry in our states, with average labor costs in AEP locations falling 9% lower than the national average.

More than 10,000 food and beverage manufacturers, about 22% of the industry, operate in AEP states.

40% of all the U.S. farms are located in our 11 states.

Valued at nearly $20B, AEP states contribute 26% of the nation’s food and beverage exports.

Seven sites in Ohio and Indiana have been independently certified as meeting the requirements for food processing, including infrastructure and utility requirements.


Central location, skilled workforce, and existing industry strength make our region a top destination for food and beverage manufacturing and processing.

A Bumper Crop of Must-Haves

With favorable climates, long growing seasons, and nearly 260 million acres of operating farmland, our 11-state territory provides access to many agricultural commodities. Our states lead the nation in agriculture rankings, including these highlights:

  • Beef and Veal – Texas #2, Oklahoma #6
  • Corn – Indiana #5, Ohio #8
  • Cotton – Texas #1, Arkansas #5, Oklahoma #6, Tennessee #10
  • Dairy – Texas #5, Michigan #7
  • Rice – Arkansas #1, Louisiana #3, Texas #4
  • Poultry and Eggs – Arkansas #3, Texas #5
  • Soybeans – Indiana #4, Ohio #7
  • Sugarcane – Louisiana #2, Texas #3

Develop With Us

We’ve helped thousands of food and beverage processors find the right ingredients to grow their companies. AEP’s broad service territory, site selection expertise and energy capabilities make us a perfect partner.

Featured Food & Beverage Sites

Decatur Industrial Park Phase III

Shovel Ready Certification through the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and Food Processing Certified through Austin Consulting, this prime industrial property offers easy interstate access and strong utilities with infrastructure in place with an access road.

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Gateway Commerce Park – Certified Food Site

Austin-AEP Shovel-Ready Site Designation for the Food and Beverage Sector, this outstanding industrial property offers onsite utilities and convenient access to roadways.

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