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Our Promise

Many of our customers and communities are experiencing extraordinary financial hardships as a result of higher costs on everything from consumer goods to gasoline. We pledge to provide flexible support to help customers manage their electric bills, now and in the future including:

  • Providing resources like payment arrangements, Average Monthly Payment plans, payment extensions, and more.
  • Connecting customers with local and state bill assistance programs.
  • Working to reduce our costs by being as efficient as possible.
  • Investing in fuel-free generation - like wind and solar - to reduce fuel-price volatility in the future and passing along those savings to customers.

What Help is Available?

We understand some customers may be struggling to pay their electric bill. You may be eligible to have late fees and other charges waived. Contact us at the links below to find out if you qualify.

We offer several ways to help customers manage payments.

For local information enter your ZIP code:

  • Payment arrangements can help you pay off a past-due balance by breaking up that amount into installments over several months.
  • Payment extensions are helpful if you just need a little more time to pay your bill.
  • Assistance agencies in your area may be able to help you manage your energy costs. Call 211 to learn more about services in your area, or visit to find your local Low-Income Energy Office.
  • AMP, the Average Monthly Payment plan, is a free program that helps you avoid high seasonal spikes with a more stable, rolling average payment.
  • And more. Contact your local electric companyto learn about additional assistance programs and payment options.

Select your local electric company to learn about billing and payment options in your area.

Many factors influence the cost of coal and natural gas used to generate electricity. Higher demand, lower supply and energy market disruptions have driven prices higher throughout the United States and worldwide.

These higher prices make producing electricity more expensive.

We are working with regulators and state officials to help keep the impacts of higher fuel prices on customer bills as low as possible. And, we are focused on reducing our costs by providing service to you as efficiently as possible.

Employees at all levels of the company are constantly working to reduce our costs by working more efficiently. Our investments in fuel-free generation - like wind and solar - will help reduce fuel-price volatility in the future,and we will pass along those savings to our customers.