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August 07, 2019

Inform and Enrich Your Property Search

As shown in the accompanying screenshot, the top toolbar contains these tools to draw, measure, add or remove layers, change views or create heat maps.

Heat Maps – Create a heat map showing concentration per square mile based on population (shown in the accompanying screenshot), total households, median household income, and more

Draw – Refine your property search based on a shape you draw on the map

Layers – Add additional layers including hospitals, airports, universities and railroads, or business locations based on 2-digit by industry code categories

Map Views – Change from the default street base map to a terrain, satellite, or hybrid base map for different context at different map scales

Measure – Measure distance on the map from one location to another to determine the proximity of a site to your key site selection factors such as interstates or rail lines

Share – Create and copy a link to email another person your map view

These tools serve to aide and enrich your property search. Try them out or contact us to conduct a property search for you.