Volunteers To Make 2019 Brighter Together

When it comes to strengthening our communities, our team has big goals for the year. And, we're excited to pitch in, one volunteer act at a time.

"I am very hopeful that we will make a meaningful difference," said Mark McCullough, AEP's executive vice president of transmission who helps families get into affordable housing through Homeport, a Columbus, OH non-profit. "In our community, 54,000 households spend more than half of their income on housing, leaving very little for other basic needs. As a board member and volunteer, I'm looking forward to helping 250 families get an affordable home in 2019... a home that is in a safe and vibrant community and will bring new hope to those families."

AEP Director of Distribution Management Darren Shepard, a Salvation Army volunteer, is proud of the agency's success in helping 867 victims of human trafficking last year. "My wish for 2019 is to continue deterring human trafficking and improving the lives of victims."

"My wish for 2019 is to grow and enhance the communities in which we live and work through our hands-on participation in and support for organizations that help people every day like the United Way. When we make a difference for others, we contribute to the Indiana and Michigan success story," said Toby Thomas, president and COO, Indiana Michigan Power

"In 2019, the LifeCare Alliance Meals on Wheels program is aiming to bring in new volunteers to support one or two additional routes," said Sherry Hill, Regulatory Consultant, at AEP Ohio and Corporate Route Coordinator for the AEP volunteers. "I have great hopes for the impact we will make in our community and those in need that we serve. I have been involved in this program for 15 years, and each new year brings even more enjoyment." About 100 AEP employees currently volunteer to work the routes.

"In 2018, our local Red Cross volunteers responded to 308 family disasters, and they did most of it without an emergency response vehicle," said Allison Barker, Kentucky Power's corporate communications manager and chairwoman of the Eastern Kentucky Chapter of the American Red Cross. "This year, with help from the AEP Foundation, eastern Kentucky now has an emergency response vehicle. We make a difference in our community and I'm excited to be a part of it."


For more than a hundred years, we’ve been lighting the way for families to grow and businesses to prosper in communities across Appalachia, the Midwest and Southwest. Today, we strengthen that legacy of service by tackling our community’s most basic needs: food and housing. And education. Giving back in these ways and promoting environmental sustainability are an important part of who we are. In fact, we invest more than $16 million a year to care for others in our community and to promote and protect our environment. Working together with you, we are making our families healthier, our economies stronger and the future brighter for our communities.

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