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CCR Rule Compliance Data & Information

Updated December 2020

AEP is committed to being a good neighbor to operating our facilities in a way that meets or exceeds all regulations and protects public safety and health. This includes operating in full compliance with the EPA’s Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) rule and any state CCR rules that establish requirements for how we handle and store CCRs at our power plants. CCRs, also called coal ash, are the materials that remain after coal is burned to make electricity. Our program is structured to ensure that ash storage sites are designed, operated, and maintained in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

Groundwater Monitoring

AEP completed initial groundwater sampling in 2017 under the CCR Rule. At least twice a year since then, we continue to sample and analyze groundwater for the for the 21 substances identified in the CCR Rule. Many of these substances occur naturally in groundwater. Independent third parties will complete Alternate Source Reviews for those CCR storage sites if elevated concentrations of those regulated substances are identified. The review determines whether factors other than the ash storage site may be affecting groundwater quality. As appropriate, AEP will undertake corrective measures to address the elevated concentrations, including proactively meeting with plant neighbors and community leaders to discuss the data and seek input before making a final decision as to what measures will taken.

Additional information, including locations where sites are impacting groundwater and the substances of local concern, can be found on the individual plant sections.

Location Restrictions

AEP completed location restriction reviews in 2018 for the coal ash storage sites. For each site, the review evaluated the proximity to groundwater aquifers, wetlands, fault areas, seismic zones and unstable areas. We learned that six sites did not meet the restriction requiring separation from the uppermost aquifer by at least five feet. We will stop placing material in these sites and begin closure activities as soon as alternative storage is developed or the facility ceases operations. All other AEP ash storage sites meet the rule’s location restrictions.

What’s Next

In November 2020, AEP filed information with USEPA requesting an extension of the deadline to cease operation of several ash storage ponds. The extensions are necessary to complete the development of alternative ash disposal system or to cease operation of the coal based generating unit in accordance with the CCR Rule. The information submitted to USEPA can be found on the individual plant sections. We are executing plans to implement alternative ash disposal systems and the cessation of coal based generation consistent with our extension requests.

AEP will continue monitoring groundwater quality at all coal ash storage sites included in the program and post new reports and data as required by the CCR Rule. AEP will also continue to proactively engage our neighbors and community leaders on questions and concerns about our CCR program.

Additional Information